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Learn from industry experts how to master the revenue cycle process with systems and metrics that will never leave you questioning where your money is again!

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The Billing Connection provides not only a community for the training and support of billing experts in the chiropractic industry, but also more intensive services that assist you in creating an efficient profitable business.

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Chiropractic Billing Mastery

Join a growing community of other billing professionals that are progressing through our Billing Mastery Course!  Communicate and share solutions with each other and have access to our certified experts for additional support!

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The "Show Stopper"

Provider Credentialing

Every provider has been through the nightmare of carrier applications, and the frustrating phone calls that follow, only to find out that a step was missed so you have to start over. Our credentialing experts take care of that for you and give you the confidence in knowing its being done right the first time!

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Revenue Cycle Diagnostics

If you are questioning whether your billing systems are dialed in or not, The Billing Connection experts can partner with you to uncover any gaps in your systems that are affecting your ability to grow and become more profitable.

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Online Intensive Training

Your billing expert quit and left you in a financial mess? We can help! Our experts can provide intensive training and implementation of systems from some of most efficient and effective billing services in the industry.

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